Valentine Week 2023: 7 Feb to 21 Feb Valentine's Week calendar

You can give your loved one a lovely bouquet of fresh roses in a variety of colors on this day.

7th Feb: Rose Day

You might plan a memorable romantic dinner in a restaurant by beautifying it.

8th Feb: Propose Day

Giving your lover a box of chocolates represents a deepening of your bond.

9th Feb: Chocolate Day

On this day, people give teddy bears to their loved ones as gifts so they can cherish the remembrance forever.

10th Feb: Teddy Day

This day helps one recall that promises are all for maintaining love and relationship.

11th Feb: Promise Day

By giving someone a hug, you can express your feelings for them without saying a word.

12th Feb: Hug Day

You might kiss your partner on this day and tell them why you think of them so highly.

13th Feb: Kiss Day

Roses, chocolates, and other gifts serve as symbols of romance and love on this special day.

14th Feb: Valentine's Day