Amul Milk Price Increase: How Much More You Have to Pay Now

Following Mother Dairy’s price increase, Amul has now raised the cost of milk as well. Amul has hiked the cost of milk by up to Rs 3 per liter.

The cost of one liter of Amul Gold has gone up from Rs. 63 to Rs. 66 as a result of this increase.

Similar to this, Rs 54 will now be required to purchase 1 liter of Amul Taza. The cost of the cow’s milk from Amul would also be 56 rupees.

The cost of Amul A2 buffalo milk has increased to Rs 70 per liter, according to the firm.

Let us inform you that Amul has raised the price of milk for the first time this year.

The company informed the customer that the price of milk had increased due to rising costs. It used to increase by Rs. 2 per liter, but this time it has gone up by Rs. 3.

Previously, in December, Mother Dairy raised the cost of milk in Delhi-NCR by Rs 2 per liter.