Unseasonal rain in the state, major loss of agricultural crops; Read Where Status?

Unseasonal rain: According to the forecast of the weather department in different parts of the state unseasonal rain attended Hailstorm has also occurred in some places. This has caused heavy damage to the agricultural crops. The standing crops of the farmers have been destroyed. Crops like wheat, gram, lemon, orange, mango etc. have suffered heavy losses. Vineyards are also affected. Due to which the farmers have suffered huge financial losses.

Unseasonal rain with strong winds in Bhandara

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, Bhandara district received unseasonal rain with strong winds. This unseasonal rain has threatened the cultivation of leafy vegetables including paddy, wheat and gram. Farmers are worried due to unseasonal rain. Meanwhile, the District Disaster Management Officer has appealed to the citizens to be careful as there is a possibility of lightning strikes.


For the last three days, some parts of Vidarbha received unseasonal rain with strong winds. Hailstorm has also occurred in some areas. Due to which the crops of the farmers have suffered a lot. Pangrabandi, Ramrawadi, Pimpleshenda areas of Malegaon taluka of Washim district have been ravaged by unseasonal rain and strong winds and hail. This has caused a huge loss to agriculture. Vegetable crops including wheat, gram, lemon, orange, mango, onion have suffered heavy losses.

Unseasonal hailstorm in Nanded district

Unseasonal rain and hailstorm lashed Nanded district. It is located in Mudkhed and Ardhpur taluks of the district. Horticulture has suffered heavily in Ardhapur taluka. A total of 543 hectares of crops have been damaged in the taluka. Ardhapur has received 7.4 mm of rain. Mudkhed taluka recorded the highest rainfall. Mudkhed taluk recorded 38.8 mm rainfall. This has resulted in loss of 1235 hectares of horticulture. 400 hectares of arable land has been damaged. A total of 3083 hectares of crops have been damaged in the taluka.

Hailstorm and unseasonal rains cause heavy damage to agriculture in North Maharashtra

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, agricultural crops have been damaged due to unseasonal rain and hailstorm in Dhule, Nandurbar and Jalgaon districts of North Maharashtra. Due to this rain, melons, water melons, wheat, rhabi mustard, maize, papaya gardens that have come for harvest have suffered a lot. Along with this, due to the unseasonal rain that has been falling for four consecutive days, there is a fear that the fodder of the animals will spoil. Also, severe shortage of fodder is predicted in the near future.

Lightning struck Gondia with sky-high rain

According to the forecast given by the Meteorological Department, unseasonal rain and hailstorm occurred in Gondia district. Unseasonal rains have wreaked havoc in several parts of Gondia district. There was no damage to the crops as the rain was not heavy. This rain has proved to be a revival for the paddy crop.

Unseasonal weather affects crops in Latur district

Unseasonal rain has created havoc across the state. Many villages of Neelanga taluka of Latur district have come under the grip of unseasonal rain. Nilanga, Aurad Shahjani, Kasar Balkunda areas had started raining since last night. It had not rained until morning. The rain had increased since morning, after which the rain has cleared. Due to this rain, the harvested crops like jowar, wheat, chickpea, curry etc. have been affected. Those who have harvested and have not taken the paddy home have suffered heavy losses due to this rain.

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Maharashtra Weather: Unseasonal rain forecast in state today, lightning kills four in Parbhani district; Farmer worried

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