Unseasonal rain in Solapur district, loss of crops on 3469 hectares in 104 villages

Solapur Rain: in the state unseasonal rain (unseasonal rain) is in full force. Hailstorm has also occurred in some places. This has caused heavy damage to the agricultural crops. Due to this farmers are worried. Solapur district is also affected by this bad weather. Due to this rain, 104 villages of eight taluks have suffered heavy damage. District Agriculture Superintendent Balasaheb Shinde has given preliminary information about the loss of agricultural crops in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 3469 hectares in these 104 villages.

Farmers of Solapur district have suffered heavy losses due to unseasonal rains. Their standing crops are destroyed. In this, the crop of grapes, mango, papaya, mustard, wheat, chickpeas has been severely damaged. Due to this, the farmers have suffered a loss of lakhs of rupees. Meanwhile, District Agriculture Superintendent Bala Sahib Shinde said that the District Agriculture Department has started conducting Panchnama after inspecting the affected area.

15 lakh loss due to fall of farmer’s garden in Malvandi

Barshi Taluka in Solapur district has also been affected by unseasonal rains. Malvandi farmer Janardan Thorat’s garden has suffered a loss of around 15 lakhs due to the fall of rains. Along with this, the farmers of Zadi Borgaon, Tambewadi villages have also suffered a lot. Mainly the grape crop has been hit hard. The garden was fully prepared. The crop will reach the market in a few days. However, strong winds and unseasonal rains have stripped away the grass. The affected farmers have demanded from the government to give compensation as soon as possible.

Unseasonal rains occurred in different parts of the state

Unseasonal rain has caused havoc in different parts of the state. Along with Solapur, the rain has caused heavy destruction in Nanded, Washim, Parbhani, Latur, Hingoli, Jalgaon districts. There are also hailstones in some places. Due to this farmers are worried. Due to this rain, vegetable crops including jowar, wheat, gram, watermelon, melon have been damaged. Banana, grape and mango orchards have also been heavily damaged by this rain and hailstorm. The Meteorological Department has predicted two more days of unseasonal rain in the state. Because of this, the farmers of the state are worried.

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