Unseasonal fury in the state, standing crops destroyed; Baliraja in trouble

Unseasonal rain: Currently in the state unseasonal rain (unseasonal rain) is in full force. Hailstorm has also occurred in some areas. Due to this, standing crops of farmers have been destroyed. In many places mustard, wheat, chickpeas and in many places grape, mango and banana plantations have suffered a lot. Farmers have also died due to lightning in many places. Let’s see where the unseasonal rain happened…

Damage to crops in Solapur district

Solapur district is also affected by this bad weather. Due to this rain, 104 villages of eight taluks have suffered heavy damage. District Agriculture Superintendent Balasaheb Shinde has given preliminary information about the loss of agricultural crops in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 3469 hectares in these 104 villages. It also sits in Barshi Taluk. Malvandi farmer Janardan Thorat’s garden has suffered a loss of around 15 lakhs due to the fall of rains. Along with this, the farmers of Zadi Borgaon, Tambewadi villages have also suffered a lot. Mainly the grape crop has been hit hard. The garden was fully prepared. The crop will reach the market in a few days. However, strong winds and unseasonal rain have taken away the grass

Heavy loss of orange groves in Hingoli district

Unseasonal rain and hail accompanied by gusty winds lashed Hingoli district. Due to this there has been a lot of loss of crops in the district. All parts of the district like Hingoli Vasmat Aundha Naganath Senggaon Kalmanuri have experienced unseasonal rain with hailstorm. Due to this, crops like wheat, mustard, gram, watermelon, watermelon and gardens have suffered heavy losses. Hail hit orange groves in Hingoli district. Due to this, all the oranges on the tree have broken. A picture of rotting of all the oranges in the garden is visible.

There was a hail storm in Nanded

Along with strong winds, there has been hailstorm in Nanded, the crops of farmers have suffered huge damage. Guardian Minister Girish Mahajan took stock of the damage. Today, the guardian minister along with all the officials entered Shivara of different villages of Mudkhed taluka. Kalingar of Mudkhed taluka visited the dam of banana farmers and inspected it. On this occasion, heads of all departments along with other people’s representatives of BJP and District Collector were present. Meanwhile, Patron Mahajan assured that our government will give maximum compensation to the farmers.

Stormy rains also occurred in Jalgaon district

Due to the stormy rains that occurred in Jalgaon district around midnight last night, along with bananas, harvested wheat, chickpea, maize and millet crops have also been damaged in many areas. Due to this, once again the farmer is in economic crisis. Jalgaon district has been receiving less and less rain for the last two days. Meanwhile, the farmers are now demanding that the government should immediately get panchnama and compensate the farmers.

Bad weather has caused heavy crop damage in Nashik district

Unseasonal rains in Nasik district have also put the farmers to sleep and in Chandwar, Yevla, Nifar, Baglan, Satana Deola etc. districts of the district, grape fields including onions have suffered heavy damage. Onion and grape orchards are under threat due to fifteen-minute hailstorm in Kumbhara, Panchkeshwar, Vanasgaon, Ugav, Devpur, Brahmangaon, Ranwad and other areas of Niphad taluka, while maize, wheat and pomegranate are in danger in Yewala, Nandgaon, Devala taluka. – has been severely damaged along with onions. There is a fear of stopping the growth due to the impact of hail on the onion leaves.

Chilli pepper in Nandurbar district

Nandurbar district has also received unseasonal rain. This unseasonal rain is affecting the agricultural crops. Traders buying chillies in Nandurbar district have also suffered heavy losses due to this rain. Wet red chillies bought from farmers are kept on stones to dry. On the other hand, the traders have expressed their fear that more than 15 thousand quintals of chillies will be spoiled in the unseasonal rain that has been happening for the last four days.

Parbhani district also received unseasonal rain

Parbhani district has been experiencing unseasonal rain for the past three days. Where there is hail and where there is wind and heavy rain. Due to heavy unseasonal rain in Jantur of Parbhani, water has flooded in summer. The drain leading to Chitarnerwadi from Adgaon market in Jantur taluka was filled with four to five feet of water, due to which the communication of the villagers passing through the market of Chitarnerwadi was lost for some time. Wheat and mustard have also suffered heavy losses in this region.

Govt stands with farmers who suffered losses: Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar said that the government of the state is the government of the farmers and the farmers who have suffered should be patient and should not be disappointed. The state government stands firmly with the farmers who have suffered losses. Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar also said that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendraji Fadnavis will soon take a decision on the damage.

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Nasik Unseasonal rain: Hailstorm in district including Nasik; Five cattle died, crops were destroyed

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