There is a new twist in the Lalbagh massacre, the death of the mother after falling from the ladder, then why the body was cut into pieces?

19 March 2023, 14:38 IST

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Ashwajit Rajendra Jagtap
19 March 2023, 14:38 ISTAshwajit Rajendra Jagtap
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Lalbaug Murder Case: Another information has come out about the Lalbaug murder case.

Lalbagh Massacre: The incident of a 23-year-old girl killing her birth mother and cutting her body into 5 pieces in Mumbai’s Lalbagh area has caught the attention of people. In this case, the police have chained the accused girl and are trying to find out the truth behind the murder. In this background, the accused girl has made a big disclosure during the police investigation. The accused said that I did not kill the mother but she died after falling from the ladder. Then why cut the body into 5 pieces? After asking such a question, the police was also shocked to hear the answer given by the accused.

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Rimple Jain has told in the police inquiry that his mother Veena Jain was seriously injured after falling from the ladder on 27 December 2022. However, Veena died two days after this incident i.e. on 29 December. She was scared because of her mother’s death. He thought he would be blamed for his mother’s murder. Because of this, he took the help of the internet to dispose of his mother’s dead body. After keeping the dead body in the house for 2 days, it started to smell, so he searched the internet to find out what to do to bring back the smell. After this he bought tea leaves, phenyl and air freshener online and used them.

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He also bought a marble cutter from a neighboring shop to cut the body into pieces. Not only this, he also bought a marble cutter to cut the body into pieces. However, since the body was not completely mutilated, the accused also used a knife, the investigation said.

In this case, the police questioned an employee of the restaurant on the ground floor of the building. The employee helped the mother of the accused to the first floor after she fell down. The employee told the accused that Veena Jain was not breathing at that time. Although at that time the accused said that I am making arrangements, the employee has also said.



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