The caste of the farmers should not be asked, the letter of the Agriculture Department to the Secretary of the Central Fertilizers and Chemicals Department

Department of Agriculture: Fertilizers The agriculture department of the state has woken up after the issue of asking farmers about caste came to light. A letter demanding not to ask the caste of the farmer asking for fertilizer is being sent immediately by the state agriculture commissioner Sunil Chavan to the secretary of the central fertilizer and chemical department. It has been learned that in the app created by the central government, farmers who come to buy fertilizer are being asked about their caste. It is being criticized by opponents.

What happened in Sangli?

Farmers will now have to mention their caste at the POS machines while buying chemical fertilizers. This has happened in Sangli. Farmers’ feelings have been inflamed due to asking caste and giving fertilizer. The POS machine system is operated by the Ministry of Fertilizers of the Central Government. Therefore, it is currently known that the Department of Agriculture does not have any information about this type. So the industry of gathering the castes of farmers and trapping them in some new delusion has not started? Such a doubt has arisen. Now a new rule has been implemented that farmers will not get fertilizer without showing their caste. Farmers have been made mandatory to write their caste on the “e POS” machine with the shopkeeper while buying chemical fertilizers.

Will inform the center about it

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has reacted to this. The Chief Minister said that we will inform the Center about this keeping in mind the sentiments of the farmers and the House. These “e POS” machines have been updated since March 6. In which it has now been made mandatory for farmers to write caste along with money and other things. Farmers are expressing their anger due to the fertilizer being applied by the shopkeeper by stating the caste. The Chief Minister presented his side on this.

Counter Attacker

In Sangli district, if the farmers want to buy fertilizer, they have to tell their caste first. However, Ajit Pawar said that farmers are not going. There is anger among the farmers regarding this. The form is not filled until the farmer fills the caste account. Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar said that such a thing is not appropriate in a progressive Maharashtra. The change in software in Sangli district has taken place from the top level. Former Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said that he has received information about this change from the central government.

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Farmer caste questions to buy fertilizer: Farmers show ‘caste’ first, then buy chemical fertilizers! Central government’s Tughlaki fatwa, anger calm

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