Shocking reality! Six farmers have ended their lives in a week in the district of Agriculture Minister Sattar

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar News: From Marathwada (Marathwada) Farmer suicide (farmer suicide) has become a matter of concern. Now the shocking reality of the same farmer’s suicide has come to light, Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar (Abdul Sattar) of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar) The situation in the district has become alarming. A total of six farmers have committed suicide in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district last week. Interestingly, three of these farmers belong to the constituency of Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar.

A young farmer of Palaskhera in Soyagaon taluka of Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar committed suicide by jumping into a well. The name of the farmer who committed suicide is Suraj Uday Singh Sevagan (age 25 years). Suraj Sevgan owns a five acre farm in Palaskheda Shivra. He had taken a loan from the bank for farming. But due to constant barrenness, Sevagan ended his life by jumping into a well due to the dilemma of how to repay this debt. A case has been registered in Fardapur police station.

Six farmers committed suicide in the district in a week!

Farmers are committing suicide one after another in Andheri village of Silod constituency of Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar. The farmers who committed suicide have been identified as Bhaginath Baluba Pandav (aged 46 years), Janardhan Supdu Thaide (aged 55 years). After this, a farmer of Wahegaon of Gangapur taluka also committed suicide by hanging himself. The deceased farmer’s name is Ashok Bhika Sirsat. After this, on Friday morning, one farmer committed suicide from Daregaon of Khultabad taluka and Bendwari of Vaijapur taluka. The deceased farmers have been identified as Shankar Ambadas Gaikwad (aged 35 years) and Raju Singh Lal Singh Baidwal (aged 40 years). Meanwhile, a young farmer Suraj Uday Singh Sevagan (age 25 years) of Palaskhera of Soigaon taluka has committed suicide.

In fact, the Taluka of the Minister of Agriculture was kept out of harm’s way

While farmers are seen committing suicide in Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar’s constituency, on the other hand Sattar’s Soyagaon taluk has also been kept out of harm’s way. The agriculture department has sent the preliminary report of zero percent loss in Soyagaon taluka to the collector’s office. Although the farmers of Soigaon taluk have suffered due to the unseasonal rain this week, there is a lot of anger among the farmers due to the report of no damage being sent.

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Abdul Sattar: Agriculture Minister’s taluka out of harm’s way; The Agriculture Department has reported zero percent loss in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar

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