Sanjay Raut: BJP MLA Rahul in complete trouble; Allegation of 500 crore scam in sugar factory

13 March 2023, 11:07 IST

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Ninad Vijayrao Deshmukh
13 March 2023, 11:07 ISTNinad Vijayrao Deshmukh
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Sanjay Raut’s letter to Devendra Fadnavis on Rahul Kull money laundering: An inquiry committee was formed to bring authority against Sanjay Raut for calling the cabinet a board of thieves. Rahul Kul was elected as the chairman of this committee. Meanwhile, Sanjay Raut has made serious allegations against Rahul Kul.

Mumbai: The ruling party has cornered the opposition due to the ED’s action in the state. Due to this, there is a cycle of re-accusations in the state. In this, MP Sanjay Raut has appointed an inquiry committee for his rights on the charge of calling the cabinet a board of thieves. Sanjay Raut has made serious allegations against BJP MLA Rahul Kul, chairman of this committee, for the disturbance in the Bhima Patas factory. He has written a direct letter to Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and demanded action in the case of the alleged scam of Rs 500 crore in the factory by KUL.

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Due to the action of ED, there is a conflict between Mahavikas Agari and BJP. Due to this, now Mahavikas Agari has taken an aggressive stance. Thackeray Group MP Sanjay Raut has written a letter to Devendra Fadnavis making serious allegations. The letter is addressed to Rahul Kul, the head of the Sanjay Raut Rights Violation Inquiry Committee. Rahul Kul has accused the Daund-based Bhima Patta Cooperative Sugar Factory of a financial impropriety of Rs 500 crore. He said that Kul has cheated the farmers. In a letter written to Devendra Fadnavis, he has demanded an investigation into the matter.

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Sanjay Raut has written in the letter that the government led by him has decided to root out corruption in the cooperative sector. Some leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party are running in their inner circle, they are constantly bringing up the cases of corruption of big opposition parties, their sugar factory. Central investigation agencies have also been placed behind these leaders. Corruption has no religion or political party. I am of this opinion.

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There is a case of money laundering of around Rs 500 crore in the past few years by the Bhima Cooperative Sugar Factory in Daud Taluka of Pune district. Kolhapur MLA Hasan Musharrif’s factory case is currently in the headlines and raids are being conducted by investigative agencies. But Mr. Raut also said that the multi-crore scam in Daund’s Bhima Cooperative Sugar Factory is worse and if this corruption gets political patronage, it is serious.

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The case of Kolhapur MLA Hasan Musharrif’s chief commander Santaji Ghorpade sugar factory is currently under discussion and the efforts of investigative agencies in this regard are failing. But the embezzlement of hundreds of crores in Dawood’s Bhima Cooperative sugar factory is even more horrific and if this corruption gets political patronage, it is serious.

You can find information about corruption in Bhima Cooperative Sugar Factory through the independent system of Kirit Somaiya, chief coordinator of BJP’s anti-corruption campaign. The complainant has taken the matter to his office. But Kirit Somaiah is adamant about that corruption. People’s money has been looted in this factory. He also demanded that all these cases should be immediately handed over to ‘ED’ and ‘CBI’ and action should be taken against the fraudsters in Bhima Cooperative sugar factory.


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