Ramdas Athavale: .. will fight Lok Sabha elections from ‘this’ constituency, Ramdas Athavale clarified

12 March 2023, 19:46 IST

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Shrikant Ashok Londhe
12 March 2023, 19:46 ISTShrikant Ashok Londhe
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Ramdas Athavale: RPI leader Ramdas Athavale has expressed his desire to re-contest from Shirdi Lok Sabha constituency if BJP leaders show confidence.

The Republican Party of India (Remberd Group) has won two seats in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, due to which there is an atmosphere of excitement in the party. Two MLAs have been elected from Ripai in Nagaland state in the recently held elections. Since then the party has become quite active. Ripai Party convention has been held in Shirdi. Ramdas Athavale has said that many BJP leaders will attend this session along with the Chief Minister. Along with this, Athavale has once again expressed his desire to contest elections from Shirdi.

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Ramdas Athavale said that I lost from Shirdi in the last election. But now I want to rise again from Shirdi itself. If BJP leaders show faith then I will definitely contest Lok Sabha elections from Shirdi. Ramdas Athavale has said that my efforts will be for the development of Shirdi Lok Sabha constituency.

Athavale said that the party has become active for the upcoming elections and the general convention of the party has been called in Shirdi. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and other BJP leaders will attend this session.

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Meanwhile, speaking on this occasion, Athavale has challenged Uddhav Thackeray. Athavale has said that my party is bigger than Uddhav Thackeray outside Maharashtra. The decision to give the Shiv Sena election symbol and name to the Shinde faction has been made in a democratic manner.

The Election Commission has given a decision in favor of the majority. Uddhav Thackeray should have formed the government with BJP first. Ramdas Athawale also said that if the BJP government had been formed, this time would not have come today.


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