Pune accident: Travels bus fell 15 feet in Pune; 8 passengers were injured

19 March 2023, 8:17 IST

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Ashwajit Rajendra Jagtap
19 March 2023, 8:17 ISTAshwajit Rajendra Jagtap
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Pune Road Accident: Eight people have been injured in a road accident in Pune.

Accident: Information has come to light that an accident has occurred in a travel bus going from Mumbai to Bengaluru via Pune. More than eight people have been injured in this accident. The injured are being treated at a nearby hospital. The incident took place on Saturday (March 18, 2023) around 10.30 pm in the Chandni Chowk area of ​​Pune. It is being told that the accident happened due to the driver not having control over the vehicle.

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According to the information received, the driver of the travel bus going from Mumbai to Pune to Bangalore lost control of the vehicle and the bus fell about 15 to 20 feet from the bypass. There were total 35 passengers in this bus. Eight to ten passengers have been injured. The injured have been admitted to a hospital in Kothrur area for immediate treatment. Due to this accident, a big traffic jam has started in Chondani Chowk area. After the police removed the accident vehicle from the road, traffic returned to normal after about half an hour.

Chandni Chowk area is dark due to lack of street lights. Due to this, accidents are happening continuously at this place. The citizens demand that the administration install lights in this area so that accidents can be prevented.

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Sangamner: Three died on the spot in a terrible accident

A terrible accident took place between a milk tanker and two two-wheelers at Manglapur Shivar on the Sangamner-Akole road. In this accident, three youths died on the spot. Due to which one person was seriously injured. The injured are being treated at a nearby hospital. It is learned that the accident took place on Friday night. The police have detained the tanker driver in this case and further action is being taken.



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