Panchnama of unseasonal rain on one side, transfer of 36 tehsildars on the other

Transfers of Tehsildars: Late Due to unseasonal rain, there has been heavy loss of agricultural crops in many parts of the state. Farmers have to bear the financial burden. Its effect is being seen in the state assembly as well. The House was frequently adjourned on this issue. The administration has been ordered to assess the damage on behalf of the government. Panchnama is also going on in many places. However, 36 Tehsildars have been transferred in the state. There is a possibility that the opposition will be aggressive in the House today on this issue.

Farmers’ crops have been damaged due to unseasonal rain. The main responsibility of Panchnama of all this damage is Tehsildar and other agencies. Similarly, 36 Tehsildars have been transferred. Will the panchnama of the loss of farmers hang with sudden transfers? Such a question is also being raised. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Devendra Fadnavis presented the budget for 2022-23 in the Legislative Assembly yesterday (March 9). It will be discussed today on the proposal of the opposition under 293. Due to this, there is a possibility that opponents will also be aggressive today. Also, the opposition is likely to corner the government on both the onion issue and the unseasonal rains.

How much damage in which district?


760 hectares of mango and cashew crops have been damaged in this area in Vikramgarh and Jawahar taluka of Palghar district.


Fadnavis said that crops have been damaged on 2 thousand 685 hectares in Nashik district. It includes crops of wheat, vegetables, mangoes.

the dust

3 thousand 144 hectares of agricultural crops have been damaged in Dhule district. Crops of maize, wheat, gram, mustard, banana have been damaged.


1 thousand 576 hectares of crops have been damaged in Nandurbar district. Crops such as maize, wheat, gram, mustard, banana, papaya, mango etc. have been damaged in this.


In Jalgaon district, 214 hectares of crops have been severely damaged.


Agricultural crops have been damaged due to unseasonal rains in Ahmednagar district as well. Crops have been damaged on an area of ​​4 thousand 100 hectares.


775 hectares of crops have been damaged in Buldhana district.


475 hectares of crops have been damaged in Washim. Devendra Fadnavis gave information about this recently.

13 thousand 729 hectares of crops have been damaged in the state

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that 13 thousand 729 hectares of crops have been damaged in the state due to unseasonal rain. Eight districts of the state have been affected by this unseasonal rain. The opposition had become aggressive on the issue of loss of farmers. Speaking on a question asked by the opposition, Fadnavis gave this information in the Vidhan Sabha. Crops like wheat, mustard, gram, maize, grapes, mango, papaya, orange etc. have been damaged due to unseasonal rain and the government has sought immediate information about the affected areas. Fadnavis said that he would help the affected farmers.

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Devendra Fadnavis: Unseasonal impact, crop loss on 13 thousand 729 hectares in eight districts; Fadnavis’ promise of help to farmers

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