Marathwada rain: Hailstorm in Marathwada for the second day, heavy loss to farmers

Marathwada Rain Update: in Marathwada (Marathwada) Unseasonal rain on Friday (unseasonal rain) Where it was present, the region received unseasonal rain for the second day today. Meanwhile, along with heavy rains, hailstones have also fallen in some places. of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar) Hailstorm has been observed in Karanjkhed and Peshawar areas. Along with Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Latur, Hingoli as well as Parbhani district also received unseasonal rain today. Due to this, the farmers have suffered huge losses.

Hailstorm in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar…

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district received unseasonal rain almost everywhere on Friday. Meanwhile, there was hailstorm with heavy rain in Soyagaon and Ajantha caves area. Meanwhile, it rained unseasonably for the second day today. Karanjkhed and Peshore areas received heavy rains with strong winds and hail. Due to this, crops have been damaged on a large scale. Gardens are also affected.

Heavy rain in Hingoli district

Hingoli district has experienced unseasonal rain along with heavy hailstorm. Unseasonal rain accompanied by strong winds in many parts of the district has caused heavy damage to agriculture. Due to hailstorm and strong winds, mango orchards including mustard, wheat, chickpeas, melons and melons have been severely damaged in farmers’ fields. Wheat, mustard, watermelon and chickpeas were being harvested in the fields. But due to heavy hailstorm these crops lying in the fields have been affected.

Unseasonal weather wreaked havoc in Parbhani for the third consecutive day

The unseasonal rain does not seem to be stopping and today the fury of unseasonal rain was witnessed in Parbhani for the third consecutive day. After two o’clock this afternoon, there was hailstorm and rain in Parbhani, Manawat, Sonpeth, Gangakhed, Purna, Selu talukas. While in Gangakhed, Selu, Sonpeth taluka wheat, mustard, water melon, melon, mango, mango and other fruit crops which were cut due to hailstorm and came for harvest have suffered a lot. Due to the unseasonal rains in the district for the last three days, farmers have also suffered heavy losses in rabi after the monsoon season, due to which farmers are now looking towards government help.

Garpith in rural Latur

Today at around 2 pm there was heavy rain in Renapur, Pangaon, Takalgaon, Mohgaon, Talni village of Latur district. This time there is a hail storm. The hailstones were the size of a lemon. Therefore, the sound of the letter on the house created fear among the citizens. Apart from this, hailstones were also seen at many places. A large amount of ice has formed in the atmosphere. Due to this rain, cold winds are blowing everywhere. Crops like wheat, chickpeas, chickpeas and kardi have been damaged due to incessant rains and winds. While large grape orchards and saffron mango orchards have suffered heavy damage due to hailstorm. It rained in Nilanga and many nearby villages since last midnight. But in the morning it rained heavily. Many villages in Latur rural areas have now been hailed during the day and the agricultural economy has collapsed due to unseasonal rains across the district.

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