Leopard attack: Class 12 student dies in leopard attack; Shocking incident in Pune

18 March 2023, 23:49 IST

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Atiq Sikandar Sheikh
18 March 2023, 23:49 ISTAtiq Sikandar Sheikh
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Leopard Attack Khed: Leopard attacked Ajay by dragging him into the dense forest. Local people reached the spot but by then he had died.

Leopard Attack Game Pune: The incident of the death of a woman in a leopard attack in Chandrapur is recent, while now a shocking incident of the death of a 12th grade student in a leopard attack has come to light in a village in Pune. A group of children were attacked by a bush leopard while the animals were out grazing. Ajay Chintamani Jathar, a student, has died in this. Ajay’s companions threw stones at the leopard but the leopard attacked Ajay and dragged him into the thick bush. After this he was taken to the hospital for treatment. But by then he had died. Due to this alarming incident, a wave of mourning has spread in Dholi village of Kher taluka.

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According to the information received, Ajay Jathar used to study in 12th standard. His exam ended four days ago. After this he went to the forest to graze the animals with his friends. At that time, the leopard sitting down suddenly attacked Ajay. At that time his friends threw stones in the direction of the leopard. But still the leopard continued to attack Ajay. After Ajay and his companions shouted, local people immediately reached the spot and admitted the injured Ajay to the hospital for treatment. But he had already died before that. After which a mountain of grief has fallen on the Jathar family.

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For the past few days, there has been a big increase in leopard attacks in Kher, Manchar and Junnar areas of Pune district. Citizens including farmers refrain from stepping out of their homes due to the fear of leopards. Just last week, a farmer was killed in a leopard attack. After which, after the death of a 12th class student in a leopard attack, there is a demand to imprison the leopard by installing a cage in Shivar.

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