Kisan Putra Movement: Fast to death across Maharashtra today on behalf of Kisan Putra, hunger strike for sympathy of farmers

Farmer Son Movement: On March 19 every year Kisan Putra Movement (Kisan Suro Andolan) has observed a fast throughout Maharashtra. This day is celebrated to express sympathy towards the farmers. On March 19, 1986, the family of farmer Sahabrao Karpe committed suicide. The Karpe family belonged to Chilagavan (district Yavatmal). That is why Amar Habib said that Sutak will be celebrated in this village today (March 19) and a collective fast will also be observed.

Food is the foundation of life. Man was able to progress because food could be produced. A farmer grows food. He is the initiator. His suicide is a serious matter. In fact, farmer suicide should be considered as a national calamity. Unfortunately no one pays attention to this serious matter. What can I do to prevent farmer suicides? We are ordinary people. We have no power. No power to abrogate caste laws against farmers (sealing, essential commodities etc.). You cannot fight with weapons. We don’t even have the capital to provide financial support to crores of farmers. We, the common people, can empathize. ‘We are with you’ can comfort farmers. We are to fast on March 19 to offer that comfort and condolence. This method of self-immolation has been used many times in this country. The results have come as expected. Habib said he would try to do so.

It has been 37 years since the suicide of Sahibrao Karpe

Fasting will be observed at various places in Maharashtra today to express sympathy with the farmers. 19 March 1986 Calcutta Day in the Life of a Farmer. The day that cast a shadow of death on the lives of farmers across the country including Chilgwan village in Mahagao taluk of Yavatmal. Sahibrao Karpe, the owner of a hundred acres of land, kills his wife and 4 sweet children. Tired of debt and barrenness, he finally bids adieu to this world by chanting “Yevu di daya ata guru mauli, ya ayushai dori kami jahali”. Today it has been 37 years since this incident. The season of suicides started since then has not stopped in the state even today.

Government policies are responsible for farmer suicides

Amar Habib said that government policies are responsible for farmer suicides. Governments changed but anti-farmer policies did not change. There will be some discussion on the issue of abolishing anti-farmer laws, struggling to change the system and not the government to give due respect to farmers. The government administration should wake up a little. Habib Yani said that this food sacrifice movement will be organized for this purpose.

Fasting will be held at this place

On behalf of the Rashtriya OBC Kisan Sangh, a hunger strike will be held at Panchvati Chowk in Amravati today. Bhumiputra Kisan Association will be on hunger strike at various places in Washim district. At Varaud, Morshi, Water, Papad, Kisanputra and other organizations will fast together. Fasting will be observed in places like Nagpur, Katol, Umtha, Savner, Murtijapur, Akot etc. A one-day fast will be observed at Kranti Chowk in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Marathwada. People are going on hunger strike in Ambajogai, Dharur, Dindrur, Khewandur, Daithna, Partur, Gadhona, Chaibabazar, Satamba of Parbhani district and Pangaon, Udgir etc. of Latur district.

A fast to death will be observed at Peth Wadgaon on behalf of Jai Kisan Bhetakari Association in Kolhapur district. A hunger strike will also be held at Mungsere in Nashik district, Chalisgaon in Jalgaon district and Balgandharva Rangmandar in Pune city. Apart from this, preparations have been made for a hunger strike in Arak village as well.

to walk

From Kingan (Jalgaon) to Dhule, the distance is 110 km on foot. This walk has started on March 13. The journey will reach Dhula today (March 19). In this sentence Dr. Rajeev Basargekar (Navi Mumbai, District Thane), Ramkishan Appa Rudraksh, (Near Bazar District Hingoli), Subhash Kachhave, (Parbhani) Balaji Abadar, (Nanded), Nilakant Dange, (Near Bazar District Hingoli), Satish Gallande (Parbhani) , Vithaldas Dange, (Kandahar District Nanded) and Ritgandha Deshmukh, (Jalgaon) participated.

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