How should the budget be? What is the budget for agriculture? Read the expectations of farmer leaders

Maharashtra Budget Session 2023: State Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Devendra Fadnavis will present the budget for 2022-23 today. Everyone’s attention is focused on what announcements will be made in this budget. During this time Farmyard There are big expectations from the sector in this budget. ‘ABP Majha’ contacted some farmer leaders about what is expected for the agriculture sector in this budget. In this, Swabhimani Kisan Association leader Raju Shetty, Kisan Sabha leader Dr. Ajit Navale, the leader of the Rayat Kranti organization, spoke to Sadabhau Khot. He has raised different issues this time. Let’s see what they actually said…

Raju Shetty

The state is currently experiencing surplus production of various crops. This is also affecting the rate. Raju Shetty, leader of the Swabhimani Shetkar organization, said that the government should process this excess production or arrange storage for it. Mechanization of agriculture should also be emphasized, for which the government should give subsidy. Electricity tariffs should be regulated. Farmers’ crops are being heavily damaged by wild animals. So help should be increased. Farmers injured in wild animal attacks should be treated in good hospitals. Raju Shetty has demanded that if a farmer dies due to snake bite, he should be given 20 lakh rupees.

Insurance cover is essential in case of damage

Weather based insurance plan is bogus. Compensation should be given in case of damage after unseasonal rain. Raju Shetty also said that insurance should be obtained irrespective of the duration of the loss. Insurance cover is essential in case of damage, Shetty said. Center should immediately increase onion procurement. There is a shortage of onions in the international market and it is necessary to increase the pace of its procurement.

Sadabhau Khot

Agriculture should be deregulated. Sadabhau Khot, head of Rayat Kranti Organization, expressed the view that it is necessary to create infrastructure in the agricultural sector. Khot also said that establishment of farmers’ companies and promotion of contract farming is essential. External investment should be made in agriculture. Sadabhau Khot also said that some decisions are expected to be taken in the budget regarding the preparation of cropping system policy. Sadabhau Khot also said that marketing system should be established.

Dr. Ajit Navale

Currently the prices of agricultural commodities are falling. Onion farmers are in trouble. Therefore, Kisan Sabha leader Dr. Ajit Navale has demanded from the government that onion farmers should be given relief in this budget. Last year, the price of onion was 2200 to 2500 rupees per quintal. Navale said, however, this year onion is getting Rs 500 to Rs 600 per quintal. Therefore, the state government should immediately announce a subsidy of Rs 600 to the onion producers. Ajit Navale said that purchase from NAFED should be increased.

Government should decide to waive electricity bills of farmers

Queues of chickpea farmers can be seen at the government procurement centre. This procurement is being initiated by the central government. Ajit Navale said that the state government should make a similar purchase by protecting the price of Aadhaar and arrange for it in the budget. Also the problem of electricity bill has become serious. Statistics of fake electricity bills are being shown. Farmers are forced to pay electricity bills. Ajit Navale said that the government needs to give relief to the farmers by taking the decision to waive the electricity bill.

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