Hingoli: Violence over agricultural dispute, elder brother brutally killed by younger, incident in Hingoli

13 March 2023, 16:20 IST

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Ashwajit Rajendra Jagtap
13 March 2023, 16:20 ISTAshwajit Rajendra Jagtap
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Hingoli The shocking incident took place in Navlagavan of Hingoli, where a man killed his elder brother by crushing him with a stone due to a dispute over fields.

Hingoli Murder: Due to a dispute over fields, the younger brother killed the elder brother by crushing him with a stone. The incident came to light on Sunday (March 12, 2023) morning. Both the siblings were arguing about farming for the past few days. Due to this quarrel, the elder brother always abused him, due to which the younger brother removed his thorn forever. Hingoli police has arrested the accused in this case. At present, this incident has created a commotion in the area.

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The murdered person has been identified as Chandrabhan Yashwanta Korde (age, 45). So, the arrested accused brother’s name is Maroti Yashwanta Korde. Both are residents of Navlagvan. However, there was a dispute between the two over the fields for the past few days. There was always a quarrel between them over the dispute over agriculture. Meanwhile, Chandrabhan used to abuse Maroti after drinking alcohol. Disturbed by this, Maruti planned to remove his thorn forever.

According to the information received, Chandrabhan had gone to the farm on Saturday (11 March 2023) night for guard duty. However, when he did not return on Sunday morning, the family started searching for him. At that time, the family members got information that Chandrabhan’s body was lying on Samba Marg. Police investigation revealed that Chandrabhan was stoned to death. When the police interrogated Maroti in detail, he confessed to killing Chandrabhan. The police have registered a case of murder against Maroti.

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