Hailstorm in Malshiras and Pandharpur taluka of Solapur district, heavy damage to agricultural crops

Solapur Rain: In different parts of the state unseasonal rain (unseasonal rain) is present. This unseasonal rain has caused a lot of damage to the agricultural crops. Due to this, Baliraja of the state is in trouble. There has been unseasonal rain in Solapur district. There has been hailstorm in Malshiras and Pandharpur talukas of the district. Due to this, there has been a lot of damage to the rabi crops and gardens.

The vineyards were hit hard

Crops and gardens were damaged due to unseasonal hailstorm in Gordwadi, Islampur, Kanher, Sargarwadi, Mandki, Bhamb, Rede, Bhamburdi areas of western part of Malshiras taluka. Bunches of vineyards were swept away by hailstorm in Gopalpur area of ​​Pandharpur taluka. This hailstorm has broken the luck of the farmers. Due to this hailstorm, the cultivated gardens have been severely damaged, due to which the crop costing lakhs of rupees has been destroyed.

Heavy loss of crops

It has been cloudy in Malshiras taluka for the last four-five days. Small showers of unseasonal rain were falling from time to time. The rain that started suddenly yesterday with hail has left the farmers in a state of panic. Currently, farmers are in full swing for threshing of maize, wheat, chickpeas, chickpeas etc. In this way, there has been a huge loss of crops. Along with this, mangoes, grapes and other fruits have also suffered a lot in this area. Farmers are already in trouble due to non-payment of agricultural produce. In this way, the farmer has become helpless due to the loss of ripe crops due to hailstorms after a lot of hardship. The demand of the farmers is that the administration should immediately report the damage in this area and compensation should be given to the farmers.

Unseasonal rain has also caused damage in Marathwada

Even in Marathwada (Marathwada) unseasonal rains (unseasonal rains) have caused heavy damage to agricultural crops. There are also hailstones in some places. Hailstorm has been observed in Karanjkhed and Pishore areas of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. Along with Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Latur, Hingoli as well as Parbhani district also received unseasonal rain today. Due to this, the farmers have suffered huge losses.


Hingoli district has also received unseasonal rain. Due to this, there has been a huge loss of agricultural crops. Hailstorm and strong winds have caused heavy damage to mustard, wheat, chickpea, watermelon, watermelon and mango orchards in farmers’ fields. Wheat, mustard, watermelon and chickpeas were being harvested in the fields. But due to heavy hailstorm these crops lying in the fields have been affected.


Hailstorm and rain occurred in Manawat, Sonpeth, Gangakhed, Poorna, Selu talukas of Parbhani district with strong winds. While in Gangakhed, Selu, Sonpeth taluka wheat, mustard, watermelon, melon, mango, mango and other fruit crops which were cut due to hailstorm and came for harvesting have suffered a lot.

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Marathwada rain: Hailstorm in Marathwada for the second day, heavy loss to farmers

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