Guaranteed price of gram of 5 thousand 335 rupees, while economic exploitation of farmers in the open market.

Agriculture News: The guaranteed price of chickpea by the government is 5 thousand 335 rupees. Traders are offering lower prices for the same gram in the open market. Chickpeas are being sold at Rs 4,300 per quintal in the open market. In this, the farmers are losing about one thousand rupees. Online registration has been started on behalf of NAFED. However, procurement has not yet started in some places. So farmers are selling chickpeas in the open market. Farmers are bearing the brunt of it.

This year, chickpeas have been cultivated in an area of ​​29 lakh hectares in the state

Chickpea crop: Chickpeas have been cultivated in 29 lakh hectares in the state this year. Harbhajan withdrawal is going on for the last one month. Most of the farmers have harvested chickpeas.

Purchase of chickpeas through NAFED every year

Every year, through NAFED, agricultural commodities are procured from various state agent organizations in the state at minimum guaranteed rates. These include tur, moong, urad, soybean, rice, cotton, chickpea crops. At this time, the farmers have harvested the chickpea crop. However, information is being received from NAFED that procurement centers have not yet started in some places. Due to this, farmers are selling chickpeas at low prices in the open market. This is causing huge loss to the farmers.

Due to the guaranteed price of gram being 5 thousand 300 rupees, the farmers had lined up at the purchase center to register. Currently, chickpeas are lying in the farmers’ houses. Due to the market price of 4 thousand 200 to 4 thousand 400 rupees, all the farmers are inclined towards Nafed. Every farmer is coming here to sell their gram due to the guaranteed price of Nafed being 5 thousand 300 rupees. Meanwhile, farmers are crowded at the purchase center for registration. In Amaravati district, cases of farmers fainting due to dizziness due to crowding have also been reported.

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Agriculture News: When will the purchase center of chickpeas start? No registration yet from NAFED; Farmers of Hingoli district are in trouble

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