El Nino effect, possibility of drought crisis in the state; US weather agency forecast

El Niño: In coming time in Maharashtra of drought (Maharashtra drought) crisis is likely. This is the reason why the effect of El Nino will be seen this year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has predicted its effect on the monsoon. Due to this, late summer drought can also cause many problems.

There is a 55 to 60 percent chance of an El Niño effect between June and December

First there will be rains, then unseasonal weather and a drought crisis is likely to occur in Maharashtra at some point in the future. This is due to the effect of El Nino. The United States Meteorological Organization has predicted its effect on the monsoon. However, the Indian Meteorological Department has reacted cautiously to the prediction made by the American organization. Between June and December, there is a 55 to 60 percent chance of an El Niño effect. This is the factor that accounts for the temperature variation of the Indian Ocean. Mumbai Regional Meteorological Center chief Sunil Kamble said that the American organization has predicted the impact of El Nino based on January and February data. So let’s wait till April. Kamble said that El Nino will be reported when the Indian Meteorological Department gives its forecast.

If the temperature of the Arabian Sea is high during monsoon, it is called positive IOD and if the temperature is high in the Bay of Bengal, it is called negative IOD. A year with a positive IOD has good monsoon rainfall. Meteorologist Mayuresh Prabhune said that positive IOD signals are being received since July this year.

What is El Nino?

Extreme heat warms the water along the west coast of South America. Due to this, the surface temperature of the sea also increases. The result is the formation of a low pressure belt in the Pacific Ocean. Due to this, the direction of cold air in the Indian Ocean changes. Due to the turning of these winds towards South America, rainfall in India decreases. An El Niño effect occurs every three to seven years. If there is no monsoon due to El Nino
Winters also get warmer. Along with this, summers are also getting hotter.

Earlier the drought was due to El Nino

According to a report, India experienced its worst drought in 20 years in 2002, 2004, 2009 and 2012.
This was caused by El Nino. So in the production of saffron and rubber crops which are dependent on rain
The possibility of a decline cannot be ruled out. It is important for the government to be alert and take measures now.

If there is less rain, measures will be taken

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister of the state Devendra Fadnavis has reacted to this while speaking in the Legislative Assembly. The Chief Secretary has been asked to hold a meeting on measures to be taken in case of deficient rainfall this year. Fadnavis said that they are preparing a plan.

Important news:

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