Damage to crops on eight thousand hectares due to unseasonal rain in Marathwada

Marathwada Rain Update: Heavy rain has caused damage in Marathwada (Marathwada) Once again unseasonal rain (unseasonal rain) has been killed All the districts of Marathwada division are more or less affected by rain. Literally hailstorms were witnessed at some places. Meanwhile, due to unseasonal rains in Marathwada from 6 to 8 and 14 to 17 March, crops have been damaged in an area of ​​eight thousand hectares. Meanwhile, five mm of rain has been recorded in eight districts of the division.

21 animals have died in the department due to unseasonal rain. One person died in Hingoli and four in Parbhani due to lightning. 22 civilians have been injured due to unseasonal rain. According to the March 8 report, there is preliminary information of damage to one thousand hectares of arable land, two thousand 55 hectares of gardens and 17 hectares of orchards. Apart from this, 152 hectares of crops have been damaged due to unseasonal rain between March 14 and 17, while 4 thousand 794 hectares of crops have been damaged in Nanded.

Animal death in the department

  • 8 animals died in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar
  • 9 animals died in Jalna
  • 15 cattle died in Nanded district
  • 03 animals died in Hingoli
  • 03 animals died in Bir

Hailstorm in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar

Unseasonal rain has also occurred in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district. Many parts of the district received unseasonal rain on Friday (March 17). Soigaon taluka was literally hailed. Banana, wheat and other crops have been damaged due to this. Heavy rains also occurred in the Ajantha Caves area. Due to this the rivers were flooded. It was observed that the waterfalls are overflowing in the area of ​​Ajantha Caves.

Latur also hit by bad weather…

Latur district is also under the brunt of unseasonal rain. Many villages of Neelanga taluka of Latur district have come under the grip of unseasonal rain. Rain started in Nilanga, Aurad Shahjani, Kasar Balkunda, Manbhaliga areas since last night. It had not rained until morning. In the morning, the rain picked up again. After this the rain has cleared. The unseasonal rains have reminded us of monsoon rains. Unseasonal rains have caused heavy losses to farmers. Due to this rain, crops like mustard, wheat, gram, curry etc. have been affected. Those who harvested did not take the harvest home. They are also affected by rain. Due to the rain, the harvest which was supposed to be done in a few days, has now been postponed. Interestingly, this will have an impact on income as well. The mango garden has also been affected by this rain.

Other Important News:

Rain Video: Heavy rain with hailstorm in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, waterfalls started falling in Ajantha cave

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