Cow Reform Project Inauguration of Bovine Embryo Transfer Laboratory by Krantikari Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari: Union Road Transport Minister said that Agricultural Development Trust Baramati’s Indigenous Cattle Improvement Project and Embryo Transfer Laboratory is a historic and revolutionary experiment. Nitin Gadkari (Minister Nitin Gadkari) revealed. Gadkari was speaking at the inauguration of the country’s first indigenous animal husbandry project and embryo transfer laboratory at Baramati.

Farmers will be happy if milk production will increase with new technology

Gadkari said that the standard of living of farmers can be changed with the projects established through Agriculture Development Trust. In 1952, a cow of the Gir breed was transported from India to Brazil for abortion correction. That cow started giving 60 liters of milk there. If his semen is given to a cow that gives two liters of milk, that cow can give 20 liters of milk. Gadkari also said that if milk production increases with the new technology, farmers will be happy and prosperous.

A super specialty hospital should be built for animals

It is necessary to build a super specialty hospital to provide good treatment to animals. Farms should be built at this place to breed good breeds. This will give good benefits to the farmers. Gadkari also said that good quality semen should be available to farmers through the Agriculture Development Trust. On this occasion, President of Nationalist Congress Sharad Pawar, Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly Ajit Pawar, Member of Parliament Supriya Sule, MLA Rohit Pawar, Chairman of Agriculture Development Trust Rajinder Pawar, Trustee Ranjit Pawar, Pratap Pawar of SCAL Group, Chief Executive Officer Prof. . Present at this event held in Baramati.

Objectives of the Indigenous Cattle Project

To provide animal nutrition, breeding, animal disease testing, feed testing and extension services to dairy farmers. Its main objective is to increase the productivity of milch animals and alternatively increase the profits of farmers and milk traders. The Livestock Genetics Improvement Center project has included Gir and Sahiwal among indigenous cattle and two buffaloes Murha and Pandharpuri among buffaloes. The project is currently working on the production of Brazilian and Indian heifer calves through IVF embryo transfer. The project has world class modern laboratories for animal nutrition, animal genetics, disease diagnosis, embryo transfer.

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