chased and even beat moneylenders for usury; Farmer committed suicide due to pressure

Jalna News: In Jalna district (Jalna District) A young farmer in Pagirwadi of Ambed has committed suicide after getting fed up with the moneylender. (farmer suicide) This 30-year-old farmer committed suicide by jumping into a well (suicide) This incident took place on March 9 at Pagirwadi. On the complaint of Usha Kale, wife of the deceased, a case has been registered against four persons in Ambed police station. The name of the farmer who committed suicide is Bharat Sahabrao Kale (age 30 years, resident of Pagirwadi, district Ambed).

Bharat Kale lives at Pagirwadi Shivara in Ambed Taluka along with his wife, son and daughter. Kale owns two and a half acres of dry land in the same area. But due to sometimes dry drought and sometimes heavy rains, the economic situation of Kale was critical. Meanwhile, a few years ago, he had arrested the suspects Shivaji Bhohane, Kundlik Bhohane, Rakhmaji Kundkar and K. K. Bhojane (all residents of Jamkhed, District Ambed) had taken loans with interest for agricultural work. Meanwhile, he also returned some of the loan money. But the moneylenders repeatedly demanded interest while threatening to kill Bharata Kale. Not only this, the suspicious Shivaji Bhojane, Kundlik Bhojane also slapped Bharat.

Committed suicide by jumping into a well…

Bharat Kale used to suffer due to constant demands and beatings from moneylenders. That is why he did not talk to anyone even at home. Meanwhile, he committed suicide by jumping into a well in the field of Datta Achyut Pagire in Pangirwadi at around 4 pm on March 9. As soon as the relatives got the information, they immediately reached the spot and admitted Bharat to the Upazila Hospital of Ambed. But the doctor declared him dead after examination. At first, the sudden death was reported. But on Friday night, on the complaint of Usha Bharat Kale, the wife of the deceased, the suspects Shivaji Bhohane, Kundlik Bhohane, Rakhmaji Kundkar, K. K. A case was registered against Bhoja in Ambed police station.

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