Chandrapur: ‘Good day’ for chilli growers in Chandrapur, record prices due to market availability

Chandrapur Mirchi Market: Chandrapur Agricultural Produce Market Committee has started chilli deals in the market committee from this year. It has yielded very good results and traders from all over the country are coming to Chandrapur to buy chillies, on the other hand farmers are also getting record prices.

In Chandrapur district, the trend of farmers towards cultivation of pepper crop has increased since last few years. Talukas like Rajura, Korpana, Chandrapur, Gondpimpari and Pombhurna are producing large quantities of pepper. But as there was no market for pepper in the district, the farmers had to suffer. He had to take the price that the local traders would give or go to Nagpur and sell. But from this year Chandrapur Agricultural Produce Market Committee has started selling mirchi and it is showing very good results.

Bargaining of pepper in the market of Nagpur district was a big problem for the farmers of Chandrapur district. Due to this, the cost of transporting the goods was increasing for the farmers, along with this they also had to pay the price that the traders would pay for how long they had to stay there with the goods. But in Chandrapur market committee they are benefiting more than Nagpur market.

Since the quality of pepper in Chandrapur district is very good, traders from all over the country are coming directly to Chandrapur market committee for purchase. Arunim, C-Five, Hanuman, Jambhulghati varieties of chillies produced in large quantities in the district are in great demand. Traders are also benefiting by coming to Chandrapur Mandi and buying pepper instead of Nagpur.

The enthusiasm of the market committee has increased with the overwhelming response received from traders and farmers in the first year itself. Therefore, the market committee is thinking of setting up a separate system for pepper deals soon. Due to which Chandrapur can emerge as a big market for Mirchi in the country in the next few years.

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