C20 Summit in Nagpur: Brainstorming at C20 Summit in Nagpur will yield valuable ideas

19 March 2023, 6:44 IST

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Ashwajit Rajendra Jagtap
19 March 2023, 6:44 ISTAshwajit Rajendra Jagtap
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G20 Chair: C20 Organizing Committee Dr. Soos Sherpa believes that valuable ideas will emerge from the brainstorming at the C20 conference in Nagpur. Swadesh Singh has expressed.

C20 Summit in Nagpur: Nagpur city has got a great ideological heritage. C-20 Organizing Committee Dr. Soos Sherpa believes that important ideas will emerge from the civil society brainstorming i.e. C-20 conference, which will be held in this city from March 20 to 22 under the G-20 Council. 2023. Swadesh Singh revealed during a press conference here today. He said that 25 organizations from Nagpur and Vidarbha will also participate in this conference and suggestions have been taken from around 40 organizations through the ‘Nagpur Voice’ initiative.

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India, which is the host of the G-20 summit, has been organizing conferences of various engagement groups throughout the year. One of them is the inaugural meeting of the C-20 Group to be held in Nagpur. Addressing the representatives of journalists at the Press Club to give information about this project, Dr. C-20 Planning Committee Sus Sherpa Kiran K. M., Coordinator Pankaj Gautam, Media Coordinator Dr. Parineeta Fuke, Additional Director General of Letters Information Office Smita Sharma, Director of Information and Public Relations Department Hemraj Bagul etc. were present on this occasion.

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Inaugural meeting of C-20 in Nagpur

The Civil Society Steering Committee has coordinated with the social service organizations of the country and abroad through various forums for the last four months and fourteen topics have been decided for the discussion of the C-20 conference to be held in India. The inaugural meeting of C-20 is being held in Nagpur. Dr believes that important ideas will emerge from this conference and these ideas will be included in the final proposal to be presented at the C-20 Summit to be held in Jaipur on July 30-31, 2023. Singh revealed.

25 institutions from Nagpur and Vidarbha will also participate

About 60 representatives of civil society organizations from G-20 countries and about 300 representatives of various civil society organizations from India and invited countries will participate in this conference. Around 1000 organizations from Nagpur and Vidarbha applied to participate in this conference. Out of these 25 institutions have been selected to participate in this conference.

About 40 organizations received information through ‘Nagpur Voice’.

He also informed that suggestions have been received from around 40 organizations through the ‘Nagpur Voice’ initiative. During the planning of the C-20 conference, suggestions and opinions were sought from civil society organizations working in various social sectors in Nagpur and Vidarbha under this initiative. Dr also said that the instructions received from the organizations will be submitted to the C-20 president in the form of a statement. Singh said.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was the chief guest

The C-20 was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the city. The conference will be inaugurated on March 20 at 3 pm. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Dr. Sherpa of India for G-20. Amitabh Kant, India’s UN Representative Shyami Shah, G-20 Sherpa chiefs from Indonesia and Brazil will be present.


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