Basic problems of farmers were ignored in the budget, announcements were made with elections in mind; Criticism of Kisan Sabha

Kisan Sabha on Maharashtra Budget 2023: The budget presented by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis (Maharashtra Budget) has made big announcements for farmers. On the other hand, farmers’ organizations have expressed their displeasure over the budget. Kull Hind Kisan Sabha has expressed its reaction on the budget and said that it is equal to ignoring what the farmers are asking for and how good we are doing for the farmers by giving them what they never asked for. Kisan Sabha said that this announcement has been made by focusing on popularity and elections by ignoring the basic problems of farmers.

State General Secretary of Total Hind Kisan Sabha Dr. Ajit Navale reacted angrily. While presenting the budget, the finance minister has announced that apart from the central government subsidy, the farmers had never demanded such funds. Farmers are sweating. Navale said that if the farmers get a reasonable price for the agricultural produce by reducing the production costs, then the farmer will definitely become self-reliant and the agricultural crisis will be removed. However, there is no mention in the budget about giving a reasonable price for the agricultural produce of the farmer. Due to fall in the prices of onion, cotton, soybean, chicken, egg, tur, chickpea crops, no plan has been brought to compensate them. The Kisan Sabha has also drawn attention to the fact that no concrete arrangement has been made to provide a reasonable price for the agricultural produce.

This is the denial of work rates, constant exploitation of farmers, huge increase in the cost of production and a piece of Rs.six-twelve thousand is offered to the farmers to reduce the discontent caused by it. Dr. Ajit Navale said.

Will pay crop insurance premium but…

It has been announced that farmers will participate in the crop insurance scheme by paying just one rupee and the government will pay its share of 2 per cent insurance premium. The money deposited in the treasury of the state government is ultimately the money of the people and the farmers. After this money goes into the coffers of the crop insurance companies, does it benefit the farmers? Kisan Sabha said that this is a fundamental question. If we look at the experience so far, the premium of crores of rupees is paid to the companies from the government treasury. This fund for the development of farmers goes down the throat of companies. However, companies in turn do not provide crop insurance compensation to farmers during calamities. He also said that the face of the farmers is being wiped by ignoring various rules.

Farmers have never demanded that the state government pay 2% premium for our share. The basic demands of farmers are different with respect to crop insurance scheme. He also said that in order to provide crop insurance protection to the farmers during the calamity, crop insurance scheme unit village wise, to make the method of damage assessment more transparent, to start the independent crop insurance scheme of the state government and to provide crop insurance protection to the farmers. These are the basic demands of the farmers during the troubles under the government company.

Leaves from the mouth of onion producers!

While presenting the budget, onion farmers had hoped that direct subsidy would be announced for onion farmers. But the Finance Minister did not make any such announcement. He alleged that when farmers’ onion goes to the traders, they make announcements and use the leaves to wipe the farmers’ faces and benefit the traders.

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