Agriculture Minister Sattar’s silo again ended the life of the farmer; Seventh incident in a week

Farmer suicides : The incident of farmer suicides in Marathwada has become a matter of concern. Surprisingly, Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar (Abdul SeventeenSix farmers have ended their lives in a week in the district and constituency. While the seven silod Another young farmer of the taluk has committed suicide. A young farmer of Bodwar ended his life by drinking poisonous medicine, who committed suicide on Sunday (March 12) while undergoing treatment at the Valley Hospital. In this case, a case of accidental death has been registered in Ajantha police station. The name of this farmer is Nandu Bhim Rao Lathe (28 years, Bodwar District Silor).

He said he was going to the farm, but he never came back

Nandu Lathe had gone to the farm on Saturday (March 11) saying that he was going to work in the farm. But Nandu, who always returned home for lunch after going to the fields, did not come. So his relatives looked for him in the field. Meanwhile, he was found lying unconscious in the field. He was first admitted to Silod and later to Valley Hospital in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar for treatment. However, he died on Sunday during treatment. In this case, a case of accidental death has been registered in Ajantha police station.

Agriculture Minister Sattar’s irresponsible statement!

On the one hand, farmer suicides are increasing in the district and constituency of the Minister of Agriculture. However, reacting to this, Sattar has given an irresponsible statement. Sattar said that farmer suicide is not today’s issue, farmers have been committing suicide for many years. Therefore, anger is being expressed everywhere on this statement of his.

Jayant Patil targeted Abdul Sattar

The Agriculture Minister has shown insensitivity from time to time. The Agriculture Minister’s language about farmers is not comforting. NCP state president Jayant Patil has criticized that the agriculture minister and the Maharashtra government are also insensitive towards farmers. Jayant Patil has targeted Sattar as well as the state government on the statement made by Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar regarding the suicide of farmers. He was speaking in Kasegaon of Sangli.

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