A successful experiment with successful commercial management of a strawberry plantation in Gondia soil; The success story of Sanjay Jasani

Strawberry Success Story: at present the farmer They are doing new experiments in their farming. They are producing rich products using modern technology. One such successful experiment in strawberry cultivation has been carried out by a farmer in Gondia district. The name of this farmer is Sanjay Jasani. With proper management, guidance and hard work, a farmer in Gondia district has achieved a good yield of Lalband strawberries even in adverse geographical conditions.

Successful farming along with cement pipe business

With proper management, guidance and hard work, farmer Sanjay Jasani of Gondia district has succeeded in growing red banded strawberries even in adverse geographical conditions. Sanjay Jasani owns a cement pipe making business in Gondia city. However, along with this business, he also has a great love for nature. They like to be close to nature. So he started farming along with his cement pipe business. He has planted a garden along with vegetable crops in the field.

1.5 tons of strawberries are expected to be produced

Farmer Sanjay Jasani has done experimental farming in Chargaon, near Gondia city. Various crops including vegetables are grown in their 22 acre farm. Experiments in cultivation of new fruits like strawberry, dragon fruit by Jasani are also conducted under the guidance of the Department of Agriculture. They have recently planted 4 thousand 500 strawberry plants in 20 R area. Since then they have started producing strawberries. Boxes of 200 grams are being packed and sold in Gondia Mandi. 1.5 tonnes of strawberries are expected to be produced. Jasani also expressed his desire to expand the strawberry sector next year.

Packaging of strawberries in 200 gram containers

Farmer Sanjay Jasani said that if farmers plan properly, they can get a good crop of straw. There is a huge demand for strawberries in the market. Jasani said that the rate is also good. Giving information, Jaskaran Yani said that four and a half plants have been planted in 20 R area. After harvesting the strawberries, we pack them in 200g boxes. Jasani said that we are selling this box for 45 rupees.

As the temperature increases, the yield decreases

If you plant strawberries in the month of October, you can harvest them by January. Jasani said that as the temperature increases, production decreases. Because it is a cold region crop. Jasani said that if it is planned properly, we can get good production.

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A unique experiment of a Sindhudurg farmer, growing strawberries in the red soil of Talkonkan

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