23 crore owed by farmers to Tokai Sugar Factory in Hingoli, instructions to confiscate the factory

Hingoli Agriculture News: Tokai Cooperative Division of Hingoli District factory (Divisional Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad has directed to confiscate the Tokai associate Sakhar Karkhana). Sugarcane farmers owe Rs 23 crore to the sugar factory. Therefore, Shekhar Gaikwad has instructed the District Collector to confiscate this sugar factory.

Formed a committee and ordered to investigate the property of the factory

Tokai Cooperative Sugar Factory has been directed to confiscate the sugarcane of the farmer. BJP leader Shivaji Jadhav is the chairman of Tokai Factory. For several days, sugarcane growers have been owing Rs 23 crore to the Tokai factory as well as the cost of harvesting and transportation. A letter was written to Divisional Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad that it is not possible to pay this outstanding amount. Taking serious notice of that letter, the Sugar Commissioner has directed the District Collector to confiscate the Tokai Cooperative Sugar Factory. Now Hingoli Collector Jitendra Papadkar has ordered to form a three-member committee to investigate the property of the sugar factory.

Farmers worried due to non-payment

Meanwhile, the district collector of Hingoli has said that action will be taken regarding the auction of the factory’s property. But when will the farmers who have given sugarcane to the factory get their money? This question has arisen. Because many farmers who gave sugarcane to the factory in January have not received the money yet. Due to this, the farmers are suffering badly. Farmers work hard to grow sugarcane. But after giving this cane to the factory they do not pay on time. Due to this, the farmers have become helpless. That is why MLA Navghra raised this question of farmers in the House. Not only have farmers not been paid, bagasse and jaggery are also being sold in the open market. Navghare had said that this too should be investigated and justice should be given to the farmers. Now the Cooperative Commissioner has ordered the confiscation of the Tokai Cooperative Sugar Factory of Hingoli. Yavarishi’s sugarcane harvesting season has reached its final stage. Some factories have even stopped sewing. Similarly, Baliraja is also in trouble as some factories have not yet paid the dues of the farmers.

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