10 thousand farmers affected by rain and hailstorm in Dhule district, preliminary report of damage submitted

Dust Rain: 10 thousand 108 farmers of 149 villages have been affected due to the unseasonal rain and hailstorm that occurred two days ago in Dhule district. Farmers of Sakri and Shirpur talukas have suffered the most. Meanwhile, the preliminary report of the damage has been submitted to the government by the District Collector.

More than 33 percent crop loss

Unseasonal rains and hailstorms have caused heavy losses to farmers in Sakari of Shindkhera taluka of Dhule district for the last two days. More than 30 percent loss is 3 thousand 78 in Sakari taluka. A total of 4 thousand 729 farmers of 18 villages have been affected by this unseasonal rain and hailstorm. In Shirpur taluka, more than 33 percent of crops have been damaged on 3 thousand 175 hectares. It includes 2 thousand 550 farmers of 58 villages. In Shindkhera taluka, 1 thousand 909 hectare area has been damaged more than 33 percent, 2 thousand 827 farmers of 72 villages have suffered.

Guardian Minister Girish Mahajan orders to do Panchnama

Meanwhile, Guardian Minister Girish Mahajan has ordered to conduct a Panchnama after inspecting the damaged area. But in most parts of the district, Panchnama is still not completed. Similarly, the preliminary report of the damage has now been submitted to the government by the District Collector. Farmers are demanding that the government should immediately assess the damage and provide compensation.

13 thousand 729 hectares of crops have been damaged in the state

untimely Because of the rain Deputy Chief Minister of the state Devendra Fadnavis said that 13 thousand 729 hectares of crops have been damaged in the state. Eight districts of the state have been affected by this unseasonal rain. The opposition had become aggressive on the issue of loss of farmers. Speaking on a question asked by the opposition, Fadnavis gave this information in the Vidhan Sabha. Crops like wheat, mustard, gram, maize, grapes, mango, papaya, orange etc. have been damaged due to unseasonal rain and the government has sought immediate information about the affected areas. Fadnavis said that he would help the affected farmers.

Due to unseasonal rains there has been heavy loss of agricultural crops. The harvest of the farmers has been ruined. Therefore, the opposition took an aggressive stance and demanded in the House that help be given to the affected farmers. Answering their question, he promised to help the farmers. According to the information received, proposals have been sought from the farmers so far. Fadnavis said that he will help the farmers accordingly.

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